Sunday, September 21, 2008

The Endless Blockade - Primitave

The Endless Blockade
20 Buck Spin, 2008

Brutal power violence from Toronto, mixed with intense noise all mixed into one loud chaotic album. Check out their latest full length as well as their splits with bands like Agoraphobic Nosebleed, and Hatred Surge.

Forfeit - Visions

Reaper Records, 2008

This Syracuse hardcore band lives up to all the hype they have been getting, check out this 7". It is being released on Reaper Records as a CD as well soon, so if you aren't the vinyl type buy it and help them out!

Meltdown - Demo

Trash Art Records

Now on Deathwish, this is the original demo from Boston's Meltdown. Hard hitting metallic hardcore, without being monotonous "metalcore". Check it out, along with their 2 other 7"s on Deathwish.

Eating Glass - Feed Them to the Vultures

Eating Glass 
Feed Them to the Vultures
High Anxiety Records, 2008

For fans of Ceremony, Trash Talk, Infest, etc. Burlington Ontario power violence, releasing their 7" this October on High Anxiety Records. Catch them on their 2 release shows October 17th in Toronto at Siesta Nouveaux with Let Down, Nailsplitter, RAH, and Blackbirds, or the 18th with The Endless Blockade, Our Father, and Molested Youth in Burlington.



I am a promoter from a small town. The kids in the town have no real access to some of the better music that is out there. I am going to try and post older albums, and ep's before uploading a newer album. I am going to be getting most of my links from other blogs as well. If you are in a band, or label in which I have posted something and wish for it to be removed please email me at Again I am posting this for kids who would never hear this shit anyways, and posting links to the Myspace pages, and direct links to where the music can be purchased. 

For people downloading who are unfamiliar with RAR files, they are basically like ZIP files, it is a compressed folder holding the MP3s. For PC users, open the files with Winrar, and for Mac users, use Stuffit Expander. All the files can be played in iTunes.